Markus Mauthe

Travel tip: "Children’s Rainforest" in Costa Rica

Experience an adventure and do something good at the same time. It’s possible!

I would like to recommend a trip to Costa Rica for anyone who’s enthusiastic about tropical rainforests. In the mountains above the small community of Monte Verde is the largest private nature reserve in the country today with 23,000 hectares. "The Children’s Eternal Rainforest" (Spanish: "Bosque Eterno de los Niños (BEN)" is so named because it was bought in the late 80’s by a school group and has been protected since then thanks to the fundraising efforts of children from around the world. The project has been a positive example of how worthwhile it can be to stand up for a good cause. If it weren’t for these conservation efforts, this species-rich habitat would probably only be cow pastures and a few scattered trees today. 

I was able to photograph the area for the association and got to know the area in all its glory. Many hiking trails invite to exciting day trips. Two fantastic lodges in the woods promise a good night's sleep, great views and excellent food three times a day – all at really affordable prices that help the rangers and staff of the reserve earn their livelihood.

The reserve offers a special service for photographers. The rangers actively help with getting the forest’s residents in front of the lens of interested people. Thus I was able to take stunning photos of the area’s insects, frogs and small snakes.

The tropical forest is always worth discovering. Here in the "Children's Rainforest" visitors actively help to preserve this paradise and also expand it.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the project, making a donation, or even visiting the San Gerardo or Pocosol stations, please visit 

Have fun in one of the most diverse corners of the planet!